Scuter has been listed among the top 10 startups in Italy for the 2017, according to

Let’s take a look at bella Italia. A country with a very vital and clearly growing startup scene. In the beginning of the previous three years we presented a list with 5 Italian startups to watch. Given the large amount of interesting startups from Italy, it’s been too hard this year to narrow this list down to 5, so we’ve decided to introduce you to 10 promising Italian startups out of different sectors. All of them entered the market within the last two years and each startup has something special to add to to your business life or your personal web experience in 2017.

Scuter is a Rome-based startup which aims to change the game in urban mobility with its disruptive technology. Founded in 2015, the smart e-scooter sharing service plans to make city mobility, simple, enjoyable and sustainable. Scuter was able to secure a seed funding of €100K, a grant of €145K and is currently doing a crowdfuning campaign which will end in March.

Source: Hotter than your favorite Pizza: 10 Italian startups to watch in 2017 | EU-Startups