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The first smart 3-wheels e-scooter offered as a service that improves the urban mobility


Traffic jam and pollution in urban environment.
Urban commuting is often a nightmare for workers.

93 hours per year wasted in traffic jams as Italian average.


Scuter has developed a vertically integrated service to overcome and satisfy widespread fast and clean urban commuting demand.

Our design inputs were:

  1. A fast and light scooter: cars in any forms (proprietary or shared) are too traffic affected in urban environment
  2. Everyone must feel comfortable in using SCUTER, not only those experienced riders
  3. The safest and the cleanest scooter

Scuter is:


Since commercial scooters don’t match the above rules,
we designed a custom vehicle with unique features.

The Smartest Sharing Service

Scuter has developed a vertically integrated service
to overcome and satisfy widespread fast and clean urban commuting demand.

Questions & Answers

Traffic jam and pollution in urban environments: cars are not the solution because they are always stuck still and they are heavily pollutants. Not to mention the cost of ownership of a private vehicle!
An innovative smart vehicle sharing based on a newly designed electric scooter, thought on purpose for a shared use. It has the unique features you can see everywhere on this website, and it will be the final solution to any urban commuting need. We are offering Scuter in many modalities to satisfy both citizens and corporations.
Traditional scooters have many problems when used as a shared vehicle. Let’s think to helmet sizes and its hygiene. If you’re riding with a passenger, one of the two will most probably have a wrong helmet size. The hygienic caps are hard to be found onboard, and in Summer they don’t guarantee the hygiene as well.
Scuter is the first 3-wheeled e-scooter designed and manufactured for a shared use. No frills, totally rugged, approved in the EU community to be driven without the helmet thanks to its roll-bar and safety belts. The battery swap process guarantees 24/7 operating time, no forced stops. It is so light that anyone can drive it. And we have value added services and dynamic pricing, to give everyone the best riding and commuting experience.

Save Your Time

Using a scooter, you reduce the trip time, being immune to traffic jams and parking seeking time.
Since it is an electric vehicle, its zero emissions will contribute improving the quality of life citizens can perceive.
The free floating pay per use sharing model keeps the total cost for commuting very low if compared to private vehicles.


Saved Time with Scuter 95%


Saved Time with Car 70%


Saved Time with Bike 60%

Team Members

Gabriele Carbucicchio
Gabriele CarbucicchioCoFounder – CFO
I’m a management consultant and automotive entrepreneur. CoFounder of Scuter and Italmoto with strong knowledge on the automotive and startup businesses.
Carmine di Nuzzo
Carmine di NuzzoCoFounder – CDO
I designed my first motorcycle when i was 6, and didn’t stop since then. In 2011 I set up a company to revive the brand “Lambretta” and in 2013 a new one named “Italmoto”. Up to date I designed and industrialized more than 20 motorcycles, including Scuter
Gianmarco Carnovale
Gianmarco CarnovaleCoFounder – CEO
I’m a serial tech entrepreneur, a startup mentor and chairman of “Roma Startup” , an association of corporate entities supporting the startup ecosystem in Rome. True instinct for business opportunities.
Luca Ruggeri
Luca RuggeriCo-Founder - CTO
Engineer, aeons of experience in everything that is power supplied or runs in the cloud. I’m passionate about human-machine interaction and I truly believe in the scientific method, in Batman and Ironman.

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