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Introducing the ultimate sharing mobility service, designed to be much better than all the rest.

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Our Journey.

Our journey into sharing mobility did not start with buying an existing vehicle and adapting it to sharing, rather we created a license-plated thin vehicle, purpose designed for being efficient, effective, safe, easy, agile and green.

Our Service.
Our service is going to be deployed both b2c and b2b2c, through a franchising toolkit. We are validating our service in our launch city, to then scale up via a direct deployment in selected flagship cities, and indirect deployment in other municipalities through a federation of licensees.

Our Values.


At Scuter, we put safety first. Our vehicle has been designed
for all urban environments, it is full electric, it has three wheels for better stability and it is equipped with seat belts and an overhead roof.


Competitors have high costs of maintenance and refurbishment of their fleets and rely on consumer vehicles that can reach just a small segment of the demand.

Scuter has a much broader audience of potential users of all ages than any other shared mobility operator, increasing the number of users and drives, as well as profitability.

Our fleet is made of durable and not-for-sale patent-protected vehicles that enable longer range than micro-mobility and will last up to 5 times more than our competitors.

Fast and agile

like mopeds without requiring the use of a helmet


like cars with seat and seatbelt, without traffic delays and endless searches for parking


as bicycles and scooters without exposure to bad weather and excessive vulnerability to accidents

Robust and durable

not attractive for theft or affected from vandalism


as subways but without crowds, and traveling direct to destination

Less CO2

Impacting directly on decarbonization of cities, through cut of CO2 emissions and reduction of footprint on urban streets